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Why i created this blog?

I am also a person who still learn about programming, especially Android. All knowledge that i have and got during my work, i will share here. Why? because i know that too difficult to get information for learning
Hope, this blog can give something positive to people who still learn programming, especially in Android. And Also if i have something good in other programming language, i will post in this blog.

Topic of this blog

Android and Java Desktop still be the main topic of this blog, but it not close the possibility to post other programming language. Generally about programming


putuguna[dot]com is not a corporate or related, but just a site that share several knowledge about basic programming


If there is have any question, you can write down your question on comment column, but if the if it is a long question and need a specific answer, please kindly submit on the contact page

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Terima kasih atas artikel-artikelnya Pak Putu Guna :)

Sama-sama mas. Semoga bermanfaat

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